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Welcome to the ProSolvr Community Blog, where AI-driven Root Cause Analysis (RCA) takes center stage. Dive into our collection of RCA templates and Ishikawa diagrams, meticulously designed to unravel complexities and drive actionable insights. Explore our comprehensive selection of Fishbone templates, crafted to empower problem solvers and industry professionals. Join our vibrant community and discover innovative solutions today. Our resources include Root Cause Analysis templates, Fishbone diagrams, Corrective and Preventive Actions tracking (CAPA), utilizing the 5 Whys technique, and Visual Root Cause Analysis techniques. Become part of our community to access these templates and other valuable insights


Security Compliance Failure

Security compliance failure can be a symptom of the problem within an...

aircraft navigation error

Aircraft Navigation Error

Aircraft navigation systems are vital for safe flying. They use various tools like...

aircraft maintenance failure

Aircraft Maintenance Failure

Aircraft maintenance failure is a critical issue that directly impacts the safety...

Aircraft Collision

Aircraft Collision on Runway

Aircraft collisions and critical malfunctions have recently been in the news...

Electric Vehicle - High Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption of EVs

The high energy consumption of electric vehicles is a critical aspect...

Automotive - Flat Tire

Flat Tire

A flat tire refers to a situation in which one of the tires on a vehicle loses air pressure...

Automotive - Airbag Failure

Airbag Failure

In analyzing the recurring issues with airbags, various contributing factors need...

Automotive - Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel Pump Failure

RCA methodologies provide a systematic approach to understanding...