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Configuration Activities

Configure System

  • For first time login to ProSolvr, Welcome to ProSolvr pop up is displayed. Click on the 'Create System' link inside the pop-up.
  • For subsequent logins to ProSolvr, it takes you to the Systems Page. Click on the button on top that says Create System.
  • Type in the System Name and click Next. 'Specify Components' window is displayed. You can add additional components or click OK.

Click on the set of vertical ellipses in the System tile or next to the System in the System List. Choose Configure System from the drop down list. Enter Components and Anomaly Categories to get started.

Only the System Owner (Creator) has this privilege. A crown next to the System name on the list or in the System tile indicates that you are the Creator of the System.

Click on the Pin symbol next to the system in the list of My Systems. Click on the Unpin symbol next to it if you want to unpin it.

  • Click on the Manage Collaborators button in the System tile or next to the System in the List of My Systems. Click on Add Collaborator tab to add a new collaborator.
  • Click on Update Collaborators tab and uncheck/check the check box next to an existing collaborator in the collaborator list and to remove/add the existing collaborator.