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Installing the ProSolvr Jira App (Admin)

Download the ProSolvr Jira app

In this section we show how to Link the Jira project to a ProSolvr system.
  • Link to ProSolvr
  • Click on the Apps tab, then click on the Manage ProSolvr app.
  • Manage ProSolvr Jira app
  • The login screen appears if you are not already logged into the ProSolvr account
  • Enter your credentials to login to your ProSolvr account
  • ProSolvr Jira Login
  • Click on Link to Subscribe for updates button.
  • ProSolvr Jira Login connection successful
  • Now the Jira app is configured to use ProSolvr and you are ready to create a Jira issue and see it automatically opens a problem case in ProSolvr!
  • If you need to unlink the current Jira project, please select the project (Jira project and the linked ProSolvr system, e.g., Jira-project > ProSolvr system) from the drop-down menu under Unlink project and then click on the Unlink button