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ProSolvr integration for Jira - Video Tutorials

ProSolvr Jira app videos

    ProSolvr offers an array of services tailored for complex yet effective problem-solving and visual root cause analysis (RCA), incorporating methodologies such as 5 Why Analysis, Fishbone Analysis (also known as Ishikawa Diagram), and Six-Sigma quality tools.

    Our innovative technology is designed to expedite and enhance your investigative processes with the following key features:

    1. Drill-down Fishbone Maps: Our platform facilitates collaborative problem-solving through visually structured Fishbone maps, fostering clarity and depth in RCA conducted by teams.
    2. Integrated CAPA Tracking: ProSolvr seamlessly tracks corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), simplifying follow-up procedures and ensuring accountability throughout the resolution process.
    3. Fishbone Templates: Jumpstart new problem investigations with standardized analysis using our Fishbone templates, enabling teams to initiate RCA procedures promptly and efficiently.
    4. Automated Reporting: Say goodbye to manual report generation. Our automated reporting feature eliminates tedious tasks, allowing teams to focus their energy on problem resolution.
    5. AI-Powered Recommendations: Benefit from AI-driven recommendations based on prior issues, facilitating knowledge reuse and accelerating problem-solving endeavors.

    By leveraging ProSolvr, you can enhance the quality and reliability of your business systems and services. Our platform enables you to resolve issues expeditiously, minimizing the likelihood of problem recurrence.

    Whether tackling complex operational challenges in manufacturing, coordinating cross-functional efforts involving large teams, addressing IT outages, or managing cybersecurity incidents, ProSolvr streamlines and expedites RCA and resolution processes.

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In this video we show you how to use the ProSolvr integration with Jira. Updates in the ProSolvr app are propagated as comments to the associated Jira issue. So you can use ProSolvr's visual tools to do the root cause analysis collaboratively, while getting all the updates in Jira.

At the end of the RCA you can add corrective or preventive actions for any specific causes. These action details are also pushed to the Jira ticket.

When you finish the root cause analysis, you can lock the fishbone and at that time the problem reports are automatically attached to the Jira ticket.

Open a free account at and transform your problem-solving with ProSolvr's visual AI-powered collaboration.